Quick 5 Questions, with Susan Gardner

  • FWB4L: What's your favorite breakfast food?
  • Susan Gardner: Me and my boyfriend have biscuits every morning - that is both a euphemism and my favorite breakfast food....
  • FWB4L: Where's your sloppy spot?
  • SG: There's a pub in Richmond where I'm from called Patrick Henry's. It's been a bar since the revolutionary war and is across the street from the church where Patrick Henry made his famous, "Give me Liberty or Give me death" speech (a creed all us RVA kids still hold on too). I love to think about those guys all worked up to a fervor and then running over to the pub - smoking their pipes in that same bar over a hundred years ago. Every time I'm home I pop in to get a hug from the bartender and some still quite spirited revolutionary conversation.
  • FWB4L: We know you've broken something that belonged to someone else on purpose. What was it?
  • SG: I broke a guy's overdeveloped sense of entitlement at the bar the other night when he decided to compliment me on my "great tits" before ordering his first drink - he didn't get served. Don't get me wrong - compliments are great, but manners are better.
  • FWB4L: What was your worst first date?
  • SG: I had a guy once take me to a show and ask me what I wanted to drink. I'm the daughter of a sailor and a felon, so I said, "whiskey, straight." He came back with a White Russian and said, "Sorry, I knew I'd be sipping off your drink and I can't handle whiskey." One guess how the rest of the night went...
  • FWB4L: What do you and your character have in common?
  • SG: We both sling drinks at the best bar in Bushwick! And believe there is great potential in castling on the Queen's side (chess reference, gotta love it!).
  • FWB4L: Any shout outs?
  • SG: Shout out to Nikki Koch and the crew at the Cobra Club!

Last year, a few weeks after ABC canceled “Happy Endings,” a sitcom with a cult following but weak ratings, its creator, David Caspe, needed a new premise. Pitching season was beginning, and this would be a chance to get another show on the air. He looked no further than a “Happy Endings” cast member, Casey Wilson, at the time his girlfriend and now his wife, and the path it took to merge their lives.

:: WHOA, didn’t know they were married?!?!?! Just two weeks ago I was running my mouth about how it’s ‘funny they picked their favorite from the Happy Endings gang’…::


Another good one from sararoanfunnybits's new blog murdershewroteshewrote


Setting: Seattle
Family Members: None

Before you even ask, no there aren’t any dogs in this one. I know. I was pretty disappointed about that myself until I remembered that this episode is real weird, thanks in part to the creepiest character I’ve ever encountered in Murder, She Wrote.